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How Cigars Are Made



Want to know how our Premium Cigars are hand made in small batches? For them to qualify as Premium Cigars, the attention to each and every detail during the cigar making process is important. The cigars each go through an extensive seven part labor-intensive process. Below are the details of what goes into every single one of our perfect handmade cigars. From seed to cigars, every picture is an actual photograph of cigar making at its best and taken at Esteli Cigars SA  the legacy of Henry and Karen Berger in Nicaragua.

tabacalera-esteli.jpgOur fresh handrolls are recognized throughout the world as one of the finest quality tobacco grower and boutique cigars maker. Boutique cigars are handmade in small batches by skilled crafters. Unlike mass market cigar companies, each cigar is hand made with the cigar aficionado in mind. With about 200 acres of tobacco fields and over 325 highly skilled employees, Cigars Crafters is one of the few cigar companies that grows and cures their own tobacco. They then transform the leaves into cigars in their own facilities. The small tobacco growing area in which Esteli Cigars SA is located is blessed with rich soil and perfect tobacco growing temperatures and humidity. Their skilled master cigar rollers have all been trained to produce perfect cigars by Cuba’s finest master rollers.

Cuban Crafters Cigars - How a Cigar is Made


Esteli Cigars SA rich tobacco and flavorful cigars can only be compared to those of Cuba, when Cuban cigars were recognized as the best. The unique and delightful taste, bouquet and aroma is what makes them some of the worlds best cigars and the most sought after by cigar smokers. That is why they are in so many humidors and cigar stores. Cigars Crafters is exclusive worldwide distributor of Esteli Cigars SA's fine cigars. Don Kiki, Tony Alvarez, Cuban Copy, Salazar, El Fenicio, Nicaragua Habanos, and K by Karen Berger among other brands