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The Cigar Boulevard Humidor's Collection are constructed with the finest woods and lined with premium Spanish cedar. Every cigar humidor is handcrafted to provide your cigars the perfect environment for storage and aging, and will enhance their smell and taste. The Selected cigar humidors feature solid brass hardware, exotic wood exteriors, aromatic Spanish Cedar interiors and are unmatched in quality and value. Setting up your humidor is easy with simple humidor instructions, which are included in the box.

Cigar Boulevard Collection

Cigar Humidor USA Flag Black Print

$59.99 $49.99

Our heroes also have their humidor This humidor display the American Flag with the associated First Responder colored line, a symbol that has been widely recognized as support for these individuals and the positions they hold. Each humidor can...

Cigar Boulevard Collection

Cigar Humidor Maestro for 75 Cigars

$350.00 $299.99

FINE CIGAR HUMIDORS. The Maestro cigar humidor is fine artistry at its best. It is one of the most beautiful desktop humidors that we have and it was inspired by the legendary game of chess. This 75 Cigar humidor features a High Gloss Piano finish...