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THE CUBAN SECRET Chancho, ASYLUM 13 Ogre Barberpole, TONY ALVAREZ  Box Pressed Maduro and Perilla Mild ConnecticutMONTECRISTO Platinum Churchill Tube, VEGAS DE PURIAL Super Toro, MIAMI EDITION REROLLS Robusto, J L SALAZAR Reserva Especial Churchill, ACID BLUE REMI Kuba Maduro.

Acid Blue (Remi)

Acid KUBA MADURO 5 X 54 Pack of 4

$44.50 $30.99

  ACID Kuba Maduro Cigars are premium hand made cigars, infused with over 100 botanical oils and herbs. Acid Kuba Kuba is an aromatic cigar handmade by Drew Estate with a delightful taste and smell that is pleasing to all the senses. Wrapped in a...