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Cigar Humidor Cohiba for 50 Cigars

Cigar Boulevard Collection

Cigar Humidor Cohiba for 50 Cigars


The CUBAN COHIBA cigar humidor is for your special cigars and features a Premium High Gloss Lacquered Wood exterior, a Spanish cedar wood interior, and a capacity of 50 cigars. The Humidors have a Spanish cedar interior that helps retain humidity, while...


Cigars Ashtrays COHIBA SQUARE

$39.99 $33.99

Cigars ashtray  COHIBA SQUARE have two grooves for two cigars. These porcelain ashtrays are design with classic Cohiba draws. They hold 2 cigars, are glazed in heavy lacquer and are kiln cured. The inset design is in homage to the Cuban Cohiba...