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1- Cigars Crafters Cigar Company's Full Satisfaction Guarantee For Our House Cigars: "Tony Alvarez", "El Fenicio", "Miami edition", "Cigars Crafters", "Cuban Copy".

Cigars Crafters Cigar Company wants you to fully enjoy your boutique premium cigars. You must be fully satisfied with every cigar and cigar.  Here’s how our cigar company unconditionally guarantees all the cigars and cigar accessories that we sell. If after smoking the cigar you are not fully satisfied with the product, you can easily return our House Cigars purchased at within 15 days of delivery.  Please send them in the original condition that you have received them, including packaging and accessories. Samplers and singles must be returned in a zip lock bag with humidifier pouch. Cigars that are shipped in cellophane wrap must be returned with their original cellophane wrapping. Please do not return half smoked cigars. The half smoked cigars will not be refunded, and the odor of burnt tobacco will ruin the cigars that are left in the box. If you return a half smoked cigar with the rest of the cigars, we will not accept the return and no refund will apply. 

If you receive cigars, humidors, cigar cutters, cigar cases, lighters or other accessories that were damaged during shipping, immediately contact us and we will open a case with UPS or the U.S. Postal Service (depending on the carrier who delivered the box) and report it. This process takes 15 to 30 days for investigation and resolution to be made. Depending on the case we will be able to replace the dame product. A shipping cost will have to be paid by customer. 


  1. Contact us via email to to ask for a Return. Please indicate your name, order number, items you’re returning, and reason for return. Include any pictures of the product if received damaged.
  2. We can provide you with a return label to ship the item(s) back to us and a return form via email if there was an error from our office. 
  3.  In some cases Cigars Crafters may determine that a refund can be issued without requiring a return. You will be notified by our Customer Service if we do not require that you mail your item back for a refund

In order to keep the cigars in perfect condition, they are stored in our humidors at a perfect 70º F and 80% humidity. This ensures that by the time that you receive them, the humidity will be between 65% and 70%. Additionally, they are wrapped in cellophane for the trip to you. This usually helps them retain their freshness. Our guarantee includes that all the cigars will arrive to you in perfect condition. However, in the unlikely event that cigars arrive dry, you can place them in a humidor and they will regain their required moisture. If after reviving your cigars you are still not satisfied with them, for any reason, you can contact us and they will be replaced. That’s how confident we are of the products we sell! Cigars Crafters stands behind every product we sell.

2- Cigars Crafters Cigar Company's Guarantee For Non House Cigars.

In perspective that there is any inconvenience with none house cigars that Cigars Crafters sell our company we can help with claim directly with our providers to offer a resolution. 



By Completing the form below you validate your Cigars Crafters branded Cutter LIFETIME GUARANTEE wherever you purchase it at any store in the whole world or from any web site like E-Bay, Amazon, Cigar Boulevard etc etc etc. Please, enter the Name of the Store you purchased your Cigars Crafters branded cutter in the Questions/Comment Field.